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Whether you are a buyer looking to purchase a home to occupy that’s in need of repair/rehab or if you are an investor looking to turn them for profit or keep as rentals, we can help you. We are a team of agents that represent homeowners as well as various investors.

Suzie Coronel has additional hands-on experience as an investor in the local area with a list of profitable rehabs. Most of her investments are full gut jobs that include the popular CHAP tax credit

Since we all work together, we have a good handle on local areas and keep a close eye on the inventory. With our vast knowledge and experience with rehab process and the buyers/renters looking for them, we are more than qualified to assist you with the following:

1. CHAP tax credit – a Historical Credit that discounts taxes for 10 years
2. Floor plans, layout, bedroom to bathroom ratios, etc.
3. Find comps based on your final product & selection of finishes based on your expected the list price
4. SDAT tax assessment appeals
5. Investor financing, hard money, personal lending
6. Section 8 other voucher rental programs
7. Property registration of your MD rental and alarm
8. Lead inspections/inspectors
9. Property managers & rental companies
10. Highlandtown Main Street
              ​​Facade Grant Program Info Sheet

Facade Grant Application

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