Which side of the Baltimore real estate battle are you on: 21224 or 21230?

It’s seems to always be up for discussion. Whether you have already purchased real estate in Baltimore City or looking to move, you’ll need to pick a side. Most don’t find it difficult to choose. As if the side you choose was something you were born with. It’s a tertiary tug of war. So popular that somewhere zip code t-shirts, you’ve seen them.
Federal Hill 21230 or Canton 21224? When I get new buyers looking in the city "hot spots", my first question is usually "Which side?" Most are quick to respond without hesitation. And most NEVER change their minds. Both have the water’s edge, a plethora of bars, restaurants, boutiques, a Harris Teeter, the Water Taxi, and state of the art athletic clubs. But one can argue that as similar as they are, there is a different feel that each has.
What’s the good word on Federal Hill 21230?The proximity to 95 South is usually a popular factor. A lot of buyers come to the city after finishing college and/or into their careers. With a lot of large employers being south of the city, on the west side and downtown, living in Federal Hill seems to be a preferred commute. Many are taking advantage of the Charm City Circulator. Another common perk is being able to walk to Camden Yards and M & T Bank Stadium.
Canton 21224 is hardly second best… Buyers like being close to the other neighborhoods like Fells Point 21231, Inner Harbor East & Little Italy 21202. Being on the top side of 95 seems beneficial to those working on that end. The Harbor Tunnel 895 is also great for commuters needing to get to Annapolis, Fort Meade, etc. While the University of MD medical center is on the west side, Hopkins is on the east side. Hopkins has been a true contributor to the east side, filling the area with a lot of buyers from all parts of the world.
In the recent news, the city has proposed a pedestrian bridge to connect the Inner Harbor to Rash Field. Will that change buyers from "taking sides"? Nah, but I hope I am here to see the bridge come to fruition.
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