Top 10 Things Your Baltimore Realtor Wants To Tell You But Doesn’t

  1. Has your Baltimore Realtor asked if you been approved? I know, it sounds slimy. BUT have you? And let’s just say you have been approved for $450k….do you know what those monthly payments are? We ask because it gives us the best idea of what homes to show you. We don’t ask to be rude. 
    **It’s best to have your lender work your numbers backwards as sometimes you qualify for more than you are comfortable spending. This time tell your lender that you don’t want to be more than X amount a month. Let them tell you want to target.​​


  2. Do you have to sell your Baltimore house in order to buy another? Yes? So list it now! No sense in looking at homes until you have a contract on your current house. Chances are that by the time your house goes under contract, the homes you look at won’t be available.


  3. Showings: We have to schedule showings directly with the listing agent, a showing service, or an office admin. Not all listings are easy to schedule. Some sellers have pets. Some have sick kids at home. Some have renters that NEVER want to allow people in.
    ** It’s best to give your agent at least a day’s notice so we have time to set them up.  Oh…and if you can limit them to 5 or less a day, that’s great.
  4. You get a lowball offer on your listed house. It’s ridiculous that someone even offered it.  COUNTER! Don’t be a jerk and try to prove a point and just reject it. 
    **Some people need to see hear NO from the seller(s). Counter to show interest.
  5. Once under contract you can’t keep asking permission to go back inside, vacant or not. 
    **Best time to measure is at your long home inspection!
  6. Buyers guess what….you may never be able to buy your Baltimore dream house. So focus on getting the best you can afford now.


  7. You bought your house 8 years ago and you never upgraded a thing. Why would you think it’s worth 100k more than you what you bought it for? 
    **Much like the iPhone, your home needs upgrades as well to keep value.
  8. DON’T decline showings. For real…you should make it easy for agents to show. In many cases once an agent gets declined to show, they don’t think to reschedule. Make it work.


  9. DON’T stay home while a Baltimore agent and a potential buyer is looking at your house. It makes it awkward for everyone.


  10. And the top 10th thing that your agent want’s to say to you but doesn’t know how….when looking at homes, and the minute to walk in, you hate it…..LEAVE! Don’t waste time complaining about the payout of a house you will never make an offer on!

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