How to Choose a Baltimore Realtor

 Deciding to become a Real Estate agent in the Baltimore Metro area is no simple task. There is an obvious learning curve when jumping into any new industry. In Maryland real estate, I’d say that curve is about 3 years. It takes about 3 solid years to fully understand the process, laws, contracts, etc.  Most things you just need to experience.

Characteristics of a Top Baltimore Realtor

After you learn the industry you have to navigate the landscape of the Baltimore real estate business on your own. Most don’t realize how complex that can be. There are roughly 40,000 licensed Realtors in the state of Maryland. Most buyers and sellers easily know 10 agents that they could hire. The competition is no joke. After you are well seasoned, what sets you apart is how you handle your business and your personality.

Buying and selling real estate in Baltimore is big business. So when you’re looking for a Baltimore Realtors, do your research. I think most will tell you that I work around the clock, blatantly honest, and will fight aggressively but SMART for my clients. Read more about the work I’ve done with my past clients. 



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