From House To Home: Furniture Drive for Veterans

There are so many worthwhile charities, but we can’t contribute to them all. This year I’ve decided to focus on a local one. With all of the political controversy over the National Anthem combined with my military family, I’ve decided to put my volunteer efforts and donations to From House To Home: Furniture Drive for Veterans. This is a locally run non-profit that provides affordable housing in/around the Baltimore community, but they focus mainly on veterans and first responders. Here I can be sure that my community is directly benefiting. 

When members of this community get placed, in most cases they don’t have any furniture or cookware. This is where we can assist. The first Saturday of every month we’ll pick up items for anyone who cannot bring donations to us; then when someone is in need, the team will put together a truck load and deliver!           

As a Realtor in the Baltimore and surrounding areas, so many seller(s) have acquired a ton of furniture and kitchen items over the years. This is a perfect way for clients to donate without really having to leave the house. When listing your house, decluttering a key. Do you need 4 pots, 3 pans, and 2 coffee makers? And that barely used couch in the basement that you want to replace in the new house, we’ll pick that up too!

Looking to donate? CLICK HERE

Looking to volenteer? CLICK HERE

What items are we looking for? CLICK HERE

Need more information on the From House To Home can help you or want to get involoved helping out, contact Suzie Coronel. 


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