FOR SALE: Brick Oven Pizza of Fells Point

We’ve all walked into this and most of us can smell it too. Weather you’ve been here on travel, for a business lunch, dinner with friends, or late-night slice on a Friday night- BOP (Brick Oven Pizza) of Fells Point is a neighborhood staple, and it’s FOR SALE! CLICK to see the public listing here.

BOP came to the popular Fells Point neighborhood in 1984. The pizza shop sits on the high traffic corner of Broadway and Lancaster Street. With the water view at the harbor less than a block away and newly renovated Fells Point Square directly across the street, BOP business flows from lunch to late night 7 days a week. The brick oven pizza shop operates with a BYOB license, giving good table turnover and short wait times. The corner restaurant seats 50 at tables. In addition to dine-in and carry-out business, BOP does corporate catering as well as participates in the popular delivery apps like GrubHub, etc. 

Over the years BOP has received recognition from The Wall Street Journal, SouthWest Airlines, Pizza Today Magazine, several local papers as well as attention from Guy Fireri from the Food Network, Kevin Bacon and the late David Bryne. To preserve this neighborhood staple, the new owners will have all house recipes, decor, delivery van, equipment, the name, social media pages and web site. 
This business is listed at $250k. For more information and documentation review, contact Suzie Coronel.



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