Advice for Removing Form Stone in Baltimore City

Sometimes I wonder if the inventor of form stone was related to the inventor of fake wood paneling? Lol.  It never fails when showing clients row homes in Canton, Fells Point, Brewers Hill, Butchers Hill, Patterson Park, Federal Hill and Locust Point, if the facade form stone or brick is painted, the first thing my Baltimore City buyers ask is "how much is it to remove the form stone and repoint the brick". Most Baltimore city investors don’t even consider leaving the form stone and little by little home owners are doing the same. But what’s the process and what does it cost?

I purchased my own house in 2001. I renovated the entire house EXCEPT the rear exterior brick. Until just recently it was all painted power blue. Last fall I decided that it was time to get the entire back repointed. I knew it wouldn’t be a cheap job but knew it needed to be done. Since last November I’ve probably called 15 masonries for quotes. I probably got return calls from 10 and about 8 showed and gave quotes. A couple of the masons told me that they wouldn’t touch it because of the lead paint. I didn’t argue it because I didn’t want to hire someone for a large job and they not want the work. The quotes that I did get came in as low as $5500 on up to over $24k! 


In February I hired Detailz Construction Corporation. My point of contact through the entire process was Ilan Goldberg. Goldberg was quick to respond to phone calls, text messages, and emails. His crew started on a Monday and finished the following Monday, due to a little mid week rain delay. Detailz required 1/3 payment to start the job, 1/3 mid way through, and final payment once complete. Goldberg’s crew was friendly. It was so cold and rainy but they worked full days on the house. After the first day, I could start seeing the results. Every evening when the crew was done they cleaned up their tools and the back of my house as best as the job would allow.  

It’s a very dusty job. I have 5 windows and 3 doors at the rear exterior surrounded by brick, it was no surprise that the red brick dust was going to come into the house. A neighbor that shares my rear exterior wall also felt the dust of the construction. She was upset, so I contacted Goldberg right away to see if there was anything his crew could do for her. His response was immediate. In fact, he called my neighbor right away to assure her that they would clear the brick dust that had gone onto her property. 
I tried to keep track of the process so that I could share this with clients.
Process for Removing Stone Form in Baltimore
First couple of days:

These are from about mid week:

These are the completed job:

​If you are looking at buying a house with form stone or have a home you are getting ready to sell with form stone, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Suzie Coronel.



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