626 S Curley St – Canton CHAP tax credit rehab

What’s a "shell"? For some it’s a shiney piece found along the beach. For others it’s a blank slate that most Baltimore City area builders and investors can’t wait to get their hands on. You see a "shell" in the construction / real estate world is a house that is worth more once all the insides are ripped out. Builders will gut the walls, floors, and systems then rebuild the interior to fit more modern stardards. A good shell has nothing to do with number of baths or if the applainces work. For example a good shell in Canton is based on it’s location, the square footage and ablitily to provide a parking space. Most knowledgable builders are also applying for the Baltimore City CHAP tax credit. This process has to start from the beginning, before the demoltion begins. 

Let’s take 626 S Curley Street, Balimore, MD 21224 for expample. This is a recently purchased shell in the Canton area. This is what the house looked like when the builder purchased it:

This is after demolition:

Here is a quick video to get a better idea of the word GUT!

​​Systems and framing are next for this one. I’ll be sure you update! Have a comment, see below. We love to hear from you! 


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